FAQ - Custom Jewelry


Production TIme


We currently ask for a production time of 6-8 weeks on custom orders – this will wax and wane, dependent on individual projects. Please understand this may vary at different times during the calendar year. This means from date ordered (stones picked, design finalized, and deposit has been made) to shipping date of the finished product.  Please monitor the GTMW Instagram account @ghosttownmetalworks to see what pieces are currently in production – you will see your custom piece make an appearance as it is being worked on! Sometimes it is within the “story” of the day (which expires 24 hours later) or it may be in an official post. Occasionally, progress pictures will be uploaded to the GTMW official Facebook business page. GTMW likes you to know the progress of your creation and enjoys sharing that experience with you!

GTMW Pricing


Pricing varies and is calculated by metal cost, weight, stone (quality, the specific mine/origin, rarity or commonality of coloration, complexity of the cut shape, stone weight/size) and production time. Please contact us directly with pricing questions. All custom order pricing is given in the form of an estimate, and GTMW reserves the right for a final invoice to vary by +/- 15% from the estimated cost, as most customs are one-of-kind and some designs may require more/less production time than originally allotted.  The minimum order for a custom design is $50 + S&H – regardless of simplicity of the order/design – and goes up from there.

Deposit and Payment for Services


Deposits on custom pieces are non-refundable.

When a custom piece is completed, the remaining balance (+ S&H and tax) is due ASAP, within five (5) business days (unless other arrangements were made ahead of time). Thank you for your understanding.

FAILED CONTACT: If you are contacted regarding your pending order, and we do not receive a response within four weeks, your deposit is unfortunately forfeited – and ALL selected stones will have to be returned to inventory, or may be placed into another GTMW creation. 



GTMW Turquoise, White Buffalo, Variscite, and Opal is 100% sourced from verified Nevada mines (or from the rockhound that picked them up on an outdoor NV adventure!). Our cut turquoise is either bought directly from mine owners, or is bought from the stone cutter that purchased rough material directly from the mine owner. Because each cabochon is hand cut from natural stone, every piece will vary in color and matrix, leaving them beautifully unique and one of a kind. No two are exactly alike!  There may be a rare exception to this rule - ie a great find of "old stock" Nevada turquoise discovered at an estate sale - but this will always be divulged in a sale listing.

Washington State stone is sourced either directly from the rockhound that discovered the natural gem, or from the stone cutter that purchased it from a rockhound. GTMW’s owner is an outdoor nut and is always collecting local rock in WA and NV – stone cutting will be added to the GTMW capabilities by the end of 2018 so these found rocks can be passed onto you in a GTMW piece.  GTMW will also be adding rocks from Montana to the docket by the end of 2018 – found in Montana’s nature, by yours truly!

Turquoise/Opal/Variscite/White Buffalo rings cannot be resized. Please contact us directly for any sizing questions.

We are not responsible for cracked or broken stones after 3 days of receiving your jewel (please see our return policy). 



All "Ready To Transcend"/Made stock items are shipped within three business days of order – unless arranged otherwise. Custom orders are shipped within three business days of final payment. FOB Shipping Point is enforced - ownership is transferred to you once we receive final payment and order is shipped. We are not responsible for items that are lost or damaged in transit. Please note GTMW *always* sends parcels with tracking and insurance – we are just as attached to our creations as you are… we like to know where they are at, and to give us both the peace of mind that your new investment is covered!

 Shipping price will vary depending on the distance between GTMW and you! Customer must cover any import taxes for international shipping. 

Jewelry Care


We want you to keep your GTMW jewels in the best shape possible and for many years. Properly cared for, each piece of GTMW history will last through generations of love. Please remember many stones such as Opal, Variscite, White Buffalo, and Turquoise are “soft” jewels and require special care. While diamonds are the hardest of all the gems, even they can still be fractured by a hard impact! 

Handle your jewels carefully, and avoid regular/extended soaking in water or exposure to chemicals (think to remove them when before you scrub that bathtub, do those dishes, or take a shower/bath). For Jewel Cleaning: clean very *briefly* in warm, sudsy water, and dry well with a soft cloth. Avoid commercial jewelry cleansers. Avoid drops onto hard surfaces or wearing your jewels while performing strenuous tasks.

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Patina / Silver Oxidation

Patina/Oxidation: surface-level treatment to darken metals.  GTMW applies a surface-level treatment to all silver pieces, resulting in the token patina and rustic feeling amongst all Charity's work. Patina will eventually wear off. A clear sealant can help extend patina longevity, especially in details. Friction against the metal, using soap, water, or lotion will speed up the process of patina removal, exposing bright silver. Patina can be reapplied at any time for a nominal fee - client handles shipping charges both directions. Please inquire if interested.



GTMW does not accept returns- all sales are final. If there is an issue with your jewel, please contact us immediately- within three days of receiving your piece - and we will happily fix it (given it is not a naturally-occurring characteristic of the stone). Turquoise/Variscite/Opal pieces cannot be resized through GTMW due to stone fragility.  Please keep in mind that each piece is 100% legitimately hand made with pride by Charity, and therefore will not be entirely perfect. Every aspect of your GTMW piece is what sets it apart! Please be aware of any metal allergies you may have- jewels unfortunately cannot be returned due to allergies. Please contact us with any metal alloy questions prior to purchase.


See something you like on our Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter accounts? Jewels seen on the GTMW social media accounts are spoken for (ie they are custom orders), unless stated otherwise in the caption. Most pieces can be recreated as a similar custom order by GTMW jewelry designer, Charity. However, many custom jewelry pieces are made with the intent of truly being a one-of-a-kind, so please understand that *no* custom piece can be exactly replicated (due to logistics of natural stone color *particularly turquoise & variscite*/shape variation and customer respect). Therefore, a setting may need to be slightly adjusted for a repeat request of a previous custom design. This same theory is applied to custom inquiries when a potential customer sends reference pictures of another artists’s creation(s) – GTMW will not replicate another’s art work, but will be happy to work on a similar piece made just for you, inspired by your reference pictures and with a Ghost Town spin on the design! Please contact us to discuss stones and settings for your rustic Ghost Town jewel.