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GTMW Exciting News & FYIs

Unset stones from Nevada and Washington State.

 GTMW is diving into 14K/18K yellow gold jewelry (in addition to our silver) and will be adding fine, faceted gemstones to our inventory - Including Montana Sapphires. Wedding, engagement, and anniversary rings be offered, in addition to other fine jewels in 2020. Feel free to send a message and inquire further, and watch our social media accounts/Website to stay updated on that addition. Sign up for our news letter.

GTMW has completely transitioned to our official website online store for all future online premade item sales. GTMW will  still have an Etsy store, but will not add new items to it and is in the process of removing Etsy listings. See our Locations tab for a list of Brick and Mortar places to see GTMW creations in person. GTMW also occasionally does local pop up events.

On the horizon in 2019: GTMW is adding casting and  beginning to learn the process of stone cutting. Stone cutting services  will not be readily available for some time due to experience hours needed.    *EFFECTIVE AUG 2019* Customs Are Currently Closed*  GTMW is significantly cutting back on custom projects—but will make an announcement when they are re-opened.

GTMW Customer Raves


5 out of 5 Stars

 "Charity's work is just beautiful. There really is no other way to  describe it. She expertly picks the highest quality stones and the  entire process of ordering is so easy. She commits to each and every  piece of jewelry and sends regular updates on the status of your piece." - Ashlee C. 4/20/2019

 5 out of 5 Stars

"I found out about Charity’s work from a coworker who grew up in  Yerington with her. I absolutely fell in love and couldn’t wait to get  my hand on some of her pieces. I received a ring from her Etsy shop as a  birthday gift this year. I had also already placed a order for a custom  Nevada Stone Mountain Turquoise Ring that I couldn’t wait to get. It  was so awesome planning and seeing the steps that she took to make the  Nevada masterpiece for me. I received my ring in the mail and I couldn’t  be more pleased and in love with it. It is absolutely everything I  expected and more. She truly is a wonderful soul to work with and takes  any ideas you have and runs with them! I would definitely recommend  getting on her custom calendar. You won’t be disappointed ." - Auburn M. 4/3/2019

5 out of 5 Stars

" Purchased a turitilla fossil ring today and love it more every time I  look at it!  Will definitely be following Charity to see where her next  shows are at! " - Jill B. 7/14/2018

5 out of 5 stars                  

"This necklace is amazing!  The stone is gorgeous and the craftsmanship is beautiful.  Will definitely buy from this shop again."     - Justyne M. 11/28/2017                       

5 out of 5 stars                  

"Well, I was looking for the perfect turquoise earrings and these are it!  Wanted the perfect size and color to sit right at my earlobe comfortably...and I  was looking for months for the perfect pair.  So happy I snagged them  when I did <3"  -- April C. 9/28/2017     

                    Oval X-Large Stud Royston Turquoise Nevada Stone Silver Tahoe Blue Patina Antiqued Rustic Simple Minimalist Statement Earring Set Handmade    

Custom Order Turn Around Time

Nevada Turquoise Candelaria Pilot Mountain White Buffalo Crow Spring Royston Number Eight Stone Mtn

 *EFFECTIVE AUG 2019* Customs Are Currently Closed/Accepted on Case-By-Case Basis*   Email, or private message via the GTMW Facebook or Instagram accounts are welcome, and GTMW is considering opening a set number of available Custom spots per month, beginning in 2020.



*Please see the FAQ Tab on the Drop down menu for a complete Run Down*

Q: How do I start the custom jewelry process?  

A: *EFFECTIVE AUG 2019* Customs Are Currently Closed/Accepted on Case-By-Case Basis* Don't be intimidated! Just send a message via email, Facebook, or Instagram! Let Charity know what your budget is, what you are envisioning, and what you are looking for in a stone (if you have a stone-centric piece in mind). A non-refundable deposit (via PayPal) has to be made before any further planning can be done. Once a design (and stone(s)) has been agreed upon, Charity will give you a time estimate. When your order is completed, an official GTMW PayPal invoice will be sent with the remaining balance. Once paid in full, your precious jewels will be put into the mail to you! 

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GTMW is currently closed to new custom work until sometime in 2020. If there's anything we can help you with, feel free to shoot us an email. We are also working on getting Fine Jewelry lines for engagement and wedding rings (14-18K gold with Montana Sapphires, with a growing domestic gem list). Feel free to drop us a line if you have interest in this upcoming service.

Ghost Town Metal Works

Cle Elum, Washington, United States

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Weekly hours vary.

Most hours of availability for contact will be 9am-5pm Mon-Fri.

The GTMW workshop is not currently open to the public, but our available pieces can be accessed via the our online store, or at Eureka Restoration Enterprises in Eureka, NV.

Our Etsy Shop is no longer in service, as all available listings will now be on this website.