The GTMW Way

Locally-Sourced Stones

Natural, verified, genuine, ethical locally-sourced Stone Mountain Turquoise from Yerington NV

All of the loose stones available in the GTMW inventory are locally sourced from three different states: Nevada, Washington State, and Montana. As often as possible, stones are purchased directly from the mining claim owners, or from the rockhound. Charity's next preference is to purchase from the stone cutter who bought the rough material directly from the mine or the rockhound. Verified, local, ethical sourcing is important to GTMW.  

Custom Design Process

Custom jewelry design with silver and verified Turquoise. Stone Mountain Turquoise.

 We mainly work in Silver, but look to add Gold options by the end of  2019. GTMW loves having custom clients along for the ride- from  everything to stone choice, design sketches, and seeing the piece made.  Follow our Instagram account "Story" to see what pieces are in current  production. See them be created right before your eyes! 


Unique Tools & Methods

A mix of handmade Navajo metal stamps and machined hand stamps for Silversmithing and Metalsmithing.

Charity loves utilizing tools and different methods to get one-of-a-kind results with her unique creations. Metal stamping and hammering have become some of her favorite ways to customize pieces. She often searches for handmade or vintage tools that will give her pieces that extra-special feel. She also loves adding distressing and a heavy patina to emphasize that token GTMW "rustic" look.

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