Locations of GTMW Retailers


Where GTMW Jewels Rest Their Bones

On the journey to find their forever homes, Ghost Town Metal Works' pieces are MAINLY sold online via this website, Social Media (Facebook or Instagram), and occasionally Etsy. Other sales are physical sales - per occasional local booth events (where Charity will have a table set up). There is currently one location where you can find GTMW Jewels on display for sale.

Eureka Restoration Enterprise (ERE)

ERE is a WONDERFUL 501c3 Nonprofit Organization  located in Eureka, Nevada (USA).  They spotlight Nevadan Artisans. GTMW is honored to be displayed among so many other talented Nevadans. GTMW tries to add new jewels to the ERE shop every 3-4 months.

Visit the Seasonal Shop:

(Open around the Winter Holidays and from Spring to Fall). 

180 North Main Street
​Historic Downtown ​​Eureka, Nevada 

 You can also visit their official website HERE . You can follow their Facebook Business page HERE. 

GTMW Display Inquiries

Interested in having some Ghost Town Metal Works pieces on display in your local shop? Feel free to reach out. GTMW has an application process for all businesses interested in displaying/selling/wholesale.

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